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Kidney Stones And Back Pain


Experiencing back pains is one of the most common bodily pains everyone goes through every once in a while.  It is so easy to dismiss these back pains as simply due to tiredness or wrong posture.  But, these back pains can actually tell us the there is something wrong in our insides.  These back pains can be symptoms of diseases that are serious or that could progress into something that is serious.  It could be dangerous to brush off these back pains by simply taking pain relievers to mask the pain.  Serious attention should be paid to these back pains if you do not want to get into serious trouble.

Back pains can be caused by many kidney problems among other ailments.  Those who have kidney infection or kidney stones often experience pain in the groin area, extending to the back in the area to the sides of the spine.  Kidney stones and back pain usually go together especially when the stones are dislodged from the kidneys and settles elsewhere.  Pain in urination is also experienced by someone who has kidney stones and back pain is not far behind.  Tenderness in the general area of the back just above the hips is characteristic of a kidney problem.

It is important to consult your doctor right away when these symptoms are experienced.  A lot of complication can lead from having kidney stones and back pain as a symptom can alert a patient that medical help should be sought.  Through a physical examination and a medical history taking, your doctor can start diagnosing you for kidney problems.  Several laboratory examinations will be recommended either to confirm or rule out the presence of kidney stones.  These laboratory examinations include urinalysis and blood test to see if there is an infection or stone forming substances. 

An x-ray or an ultrasound could also be recommended by your doctor.  In a diagnostic procedure called intravenous pyelogram, your doctor can easily determine the size and location of your kidney stone or stones.  With this new procedure, a dye is introduced into the urinary system via injection into the veins.  When the x-ray is performed, the white contrast it produces will help your doctor exactly how big and where your kidney stones are lodged. 

When it is a case of kidney stones that is causing your back pain, you have to take heed and act quickly.  Treatment for kidney stones can vary depending on the extent of the kidney problem.  There are over-the-counter medications as well as those that require prescriptions.  The first step you can take is to get yourself diagnosed.  Once you know what exactly is causing your back pain, you can take measures with the recommendation of your doctor, to alleviate your pain by trying to get rid of the kidney stones.  For those who wish to have their kidney stones removed, there is a procedure called lithotripsy wherein the stones are broken down into pieces small enough to pass through the urinary tract.  Getting medical help at the least sign of kidney stones and back pain can save you from more pain and more medical expenses.

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