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Kidney Stones Diet Tips

Ten years ago, I discovered that there are stones in my kidney. It was already late when I found that out because I was already passing kidney stones that time. When I was brought to a hospital, I was advised to undergo tests to determine where the kidney stones are. They also wanted to know how big they are. After a series of tests, I was immediately subjected to a procedure called ureteroscopic stone removal.

Kidney stones are hard masses of solidified minerals and salts found in urine. They get deposited in the inner walls of the kidneys and may grow big if not immediately dissolved or excreted. When they are too big, their rough crystalline edges cause severe pain when they pass through the ureters and the urethra.

Kidney stones are silent attackers. No signs and symptoms are immediately felt by the patient who has them. But once they appear, here is what you should expect. You may experience excruciating pain in the sides or at the lower back. Like what happened to me, many realize that they have kidney stones when they are already too big that immediate medical attention is already needed.  But don’t get me wrong. Not all kidney stones have to be removed via major clinical procedures. There are natural remedies for kidney stones that you can do even at home.  

Here are some examples of natural remedies for kidney stones.

  1. Drink plenty of water. Drinking a lot of water will produce high volumes of urine which will help you pass out kidney stones easier. But that is as much as it can give you when you already have stones. Water works best in preventing development of kidney stones. You just have to make sure that you drink distilled water instead of mineral water.
  2. Have citrus fruits. Eating citrus fruits or drinking juice from citrus fruits will increase citric acid in the urine. It is said that citric acid can dissolve hard substances like kidney stones. You can eat slices of lemon or drink lemon juice.
  3. Do some exercises. Physical exercises can help flush toxins away including kidney stones.
  4. Take basil juice. Extracts from basil will help remove kidney stones. Take 1 tablespoon of basil juice mixed with honey for six months to flush out the stones.
  5. Drink kidney beans concoction. Boil sixty grams of sliced pods without the seeds in four liters of water for about six hours. Strain the decoction. Drink the resulting extract after every two hours.
  6. Avoid food rich in oxalates. This is true for those who have calcium stones. Examples of food rich in oxalate are chocolates, strawberry, celery, green bell pepper, etc. Eating this food will further contribute to the growth of calcium oxalates which is the most common form of calcium stones.
  7. Reduce salt intake. For patients with calcium stones, salt intake must be lowered. Salt increases calcium concentration in urine.  
  8. Drink cranberry juice. This is good for those with struvite stones because it prevents urinary tract infection. Cranberry juice is also acidic which can help dissolve kidney stones. However, other studies say that those with calcium stones should avoid this because it contains oxalates.


All these natural remedy for kidney stones are good especially for those who are afraid of undergoing major surgical or clinical procedures. But before you do any of them, it is still best to consult with your doctor first because immediate stone removal may already be necessary.

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