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Kidney Stones During Pregnancy

While it is a known fact that men are most likely to have kidney diseases rather than women, women, on the other hand, are most likely to suffer from kidney stones during pregnancy and it usually happens during the late phases of their childrearing.

When a woman is pregnant, her body requires a higher calcium intake than usual. Unfortunately, it is also during pregnancy that the kidneys are less proficient in holding calcium or too much calcium rather, in the body. Most of these stones are detected during either the second or third trimester of child rearing. Therefore, treatment is very delicate and tons of precautionary measures are required, for any wrong move could affect the infant in the woman’s tummy. However, if the treatment is not successful, intercession may be necessary.

Aside from the fact that the kidney has a hard time holding too much calcium which often results in kidney stones during pregnancy, the woman’s body requires a higher intake of fluids when pregnant. Failure to do so might result in a mild dehydration especially during the second to last trimester, when the risk is higher.

Another explanation as to why women suffer from kidney stones during pregnancy is the blockage of the urinary tract. Also, limited activity for the first trimester can also cause for these unwanted stones to develop. And even if the chance of getting one is not very high, chances are, it’s still happening so proper care should be taken in order to prevent it from happening to you or your love ones.

Unfortunately, perhaps the biggest risk of this disease is the possibility that the baby be born prematurely. Taking strong medications alone, be it for the kidney or otherwise, is reasonable enough to affect the welfare of the infant. It is also well known that the drugs used in any form of kidney disorders can have negative side effects to the heart; the infant is as much fragile as the heart so it is not surprising that the meds alone is enough to affect the baby.

A good way to prevent this from happening is by drinking a lot of liquids. Appointments with your physician should also be done every now and then, especially if your family has a history of kidney diseases as these problems are often hereditary. Pregnant women should also watch their diet and should avoid eating junk foods and foods that are high in monosodium chloride. Eating fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals can be beneficial for the woman as well as the baby. Also, a little exercise should be done at least every other day to keep the body active during pregnancy.

The most important precaution that every woman should be aware of is that each should undergo a thorough medical examination before pregnancy, planned or otherwise, to know if she is suffering from any disease that might affect her pregnancy.  It is always better to be safe and do a little background check so as to avoid having yourself and your future child, a problem in the future.

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