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Kidney Stones Oxalate Prevention.

Unless the word “stones” refer to wonderfully cut diamonds, stones are not something that you want your body to keep on producing.  Kidney stones are one of the most irritating things you can have.  Although small stones are not known to cause any adverse complications or to develop into another disease, these stones can cause discomfort and pain depending on where they are lodged and depending on whether or not they are impeding any flow of bodily fluids.  In cases when these kidney stones are blocking the urethra, it could be excruciatingly painful to urinate.  After being diagnosed and treated for kidney stones, the next step should be the prevention of these stones to form again.

Knowing how to prevent the formation of these stones would depend on knowing what type of kidney stones are present.  Those who have calcium stones or oxalate stones would have a different precautionary program than those who have cystine stones.  Those who have calcium kidney stones, oxalate prevention in the diet is often recommended to stop further formation of this type of kidney stones.  About 80% of those who have kidney stones have this type of kidney stones.  The oxalate that forms these stones are naturally occurring in some fruits and vegetables.  Oxalate is also produced by the body’s liver.  A higher calcium level and a lower oxalate level should be achieved for the two to bind for kidney stones oxalate prevention.

Generally, increased water intake of about two to three liters per day is recommended to flush out and to prevent further kidney stones from forming.  Kidney stones oxalate prevention is achieved by washing out the minerals and acids that could settle in the kidneys to solidify.  To avoid further formation of kidney stones, oxalate prevention should be done by configuring one’s diet to one that is low in sodium and protein, and high in potassium.  Those foods that cause acidic or alkaline imbalances in your routine should also be avoided.  Your doctor should be able to give you a list of these foods to avoid and foods to eat.  

For kidney stones oxalate prevention, your intake of oxalate rich foods such as beets, refried beans, sweet potatoes, collards, okra, soy products, and greens such as beet greens, collards, spinach, and Swiss chard should be restricted.  High amounts of citrate, which are known to counteract stone formation, is also recommended.  Drinking lemonade made from freshly squeezed lemons is a good way to increase the citrate levels in your urine.  Foods laden with sodium and preservatives are not recommended for those who have kidney stones – they are not even recommended in any healthy diet.  Studies have also shown that those with high levels of calcium in their diet are less likely to form calcium stones.     

Your physician and dietitian should be able to recommend a daily nutritional diet for you.  This diet will most probably be composed of large amounts of liquid, restricted oxalate-rich food, reduced sugary and sodium-rich food, reduced animal protein, increased Vitamin C-rich food, and more insoluble fiber.

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