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Treatment For Uric Acid Kidney Stones

Extreme & recurring back pain. Smelly or cloudy urine. Burning sensation when urinating. A sick feeling that won’t go away, leading to vomiting, fever & chills.  These are some of the telltale signs of kidney stones. When these occur, medical attention is paramount.

When kidney stones -- which constitute a solid mass that may become lodged in the urinary tract -- are not flushed out by enough water and the right foods, a kidney stone attack sets in, causing a great deal of pain to the affected person.  To obtain proper treatment for uric acid kidney stones, prompt medical check-up/tests, and follow-through are crucial. Besides disintegrating the kidney stone through natural or other means so that it can pass out of the body in an easy, painless manner (while at the same time taking precautions to hinder bacteria from creeping in the urinary tracts), doctors advise stone-prone individuals to adhere to the right diet, drink ample fluids, and steer clear of “danger” substances. It is important for kidneys to regain their optimum functioning and avoid recurrence of kidney stones. Now if there is one thing that the human body can benefit much from, it is water. Drinking lots of water flushes out sodium & other toxins, and make people feel and think better.

            Among the different types of kidney stones, those which tend to be a bit harder to track/diagnose are uric acid stones.  Because they are not spotted easily through a customary abdominal x-ray, the stalled diagnosis leads to the enlargement of the kidney stone.

            How are uric acid stones formed? People develop high uric acid levels mainly because of the foods (high animal protein intake) they ingest, some lifestyle habits like excessive alcohol drinking, lack of water, genetics, severe lack of exercise, and certain  medical conditions. Normally, uric acid gets dissolved in the blood  and wends its way into the kidneys and is excreted as urine.  However, excessive amounts created by the cited factors lead to stone formation.  Uric acid kidney stones, characterized by a smooth, soft and brown appearance, are usually experiences by individuals with gout (a form of arthritis whereby uric acid crystals have accumulated in the joints, causing the affected person intense pain), are overweight/obese, or have been suffering from diabetes.

            Most gout sufferers tend to generate too much uric acid, while others are unable to eliminate uric acid in the urine.  The buildup is triggered by eating foods with high levels of purine compounds (like organ meats, red meat, shellfish) and drinking too much sweetened sodas. Stone-forming patients undergoing treatment for uric acid kidney stones must cut back on these foods, and shake the salt habit. Food portion size is important; in most cases, the recommended portion for meat, poultry or fish for stone-sufferers is three ounces. Doctors will also advise regular water consumption (bat for almost 4 liters) in order to let the kidney stones pass through the body in quicker mode.

            Part and parcel of obtaining relief and treatment for uric acid kidney stones are to avoid alcohol and strive to maintain a healthy weight.  Your primary healthcare physician may also prescribe medications if your uric acid level is higher than average.

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