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What Are The Signs That I Have Kidney Stones?

            Since most of the symptoms of kidney stones are too, they go away unnoticed. However, if these stones suddenly move to the urinary tract, the person will then experience the first symptom: extreme pain. A person will feel a sharp pain in the side and back of the lower abdomen. It can induce vomiting; the pain will eventually spread in the groin.

            If the stone is bigger and cannot pass in the muscle walls, it will force its way in the ureter. The body will then try to push it out of the system, which will result in blood appearing in the urine; the urine of the infected person will be pink. Since the stone will eventually push its way to the bladder, the person will then feel the need to urinate often. He may also experience a burning sensation whenever he pees.

            Another factor that should be taken into consideration is your family’s medical history and gender. Although majority of the people affected with kidney stones are men, it also most likely to develop in women as well. Check your family’s medical records to know if your family has a history of kidney diseases. If in case you have, make sure to take care of what you eat; use all the preventive measures that you know because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

            Another symptom is if the person experiences a dull pain from the pelvis or the lower back. It will either be continuous, or will go back from time to time. Overall, the pain will not be entirely gone and will still go back even after taking an analgesic or two.       

            One of the symptoms if kidney stones which is probably the hardest to bear is the sharp, stabbing pain as if a person’s abdomen is being cut into halves. If the person suffers from this unbearable pain, it is most likely that he is suffering from a full blown attack in his kidneys. Immediate medical attention should be given to this person.

            These symptoms of kidney stones should never be taken for granted. If in case you suffer from any of these, be sure to schedule an appointment with your physician, as these may progress if untreated.

            Our kidney is one of the major organs that should be taken care of; diseases involving this organ should be taken into much consideration, as failure to do so can lead to other organs, such as the heart, being affected (or even damaged) as well. Make sure to watch what you eat. A balanced diet should be maintained; one should drink eight to ten glasses of water a day, to keep your body hydrated. Avoid eating too much junk foods and fast foods, as these contain substances and toxins which may be difficult for your liver to absorb. It is always better to do a little research about the foods that you consume everyday. Always remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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